Arda Turan given appropriate birthday cake days after throwing boot at linesman

During Wednesday’s action-packed Copa del Rey tie between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, Arda Turan was so enraged by a refereeing decision that he threw one of his own boots at the referee. Amazingly, the Turkish midfielder was only given a yellow card for this heinous misappropriation of sporting apparel.

Turan turns 28 today, and his Atleti teammates have already helped him celebrate with a cake that has a boot protruding from it. To hammer the point home, it also features two figures acting out the ten millionth time that the former Galatasaray star has lost his cool on the field.

Normally, putting a shoe on top of food would be pretty unsanitary and weird, but when it is in the name of Antonio BANTERas, it is quite acceptable.

Let’s all just agree to keep this birthday cake news away from Yaya Toure, Okay?