Brazil U-20 time waster does terrible job of faking injury after getting sent off

In the final minutes of Brazil’s Sul-Americano U-20 match against Uruguay, Brazilian defender Wallace proved he is a terrible actor but excellent time waster.

The Braga center back, who is currently on loan at Monaco, was sent off after a late challenge. As he casually strolled off the pitch, he realized that Uruguay would have an advantage in the remaining seconds of the game and decided it was his duty to delay that inevitability as long as he possibly could. So, he stopped walking and laid down.


Then he suddenly decided that he was injured and refused to move until the referee called for the medics, who eventually loaded him onto a stretcher and drove him off the pitch in their cart. The match was then able to resume and ended 0–0.

Perhaps we should just be happy that Wallace didn’t try to take the ball with him when he was sent off.