Peter Crouch being tall, Avram Grant complaining about a bus, and the Wealdstone Raider making you sad

Peter Crouch is really tall and this jockey he met in Dubai is really small, so they decided to delight the world with their one-foot and seven inch height difference by posing together in a photograph. How considerate of them.


Ghana lost their first match of the African Cup of Nations to Senegal, so Ghana coach Avram Grant decided to complain about his team’s bus. From Reuters:

“I am sorry to say you need to see our bus. It is a bus which behaves like a ship.

“We are the only team that receives this bus, the other team have a good bus. So when I say good words about the organisation I want you to know about the other things.”

If Avram Grant ever writes a book, they’re going to have to use the phone number of a suicide hotline instead of page numbers.


When the internet decided to make fun of football supporter Gordon Hill, he tried his very best to make the most it. But over the 13 minutes and 37 seconds of this video, you’ll see just how fast being a human meme gets old.