Avram Grant says Prince William asked him to be Aston Villa manager


Following the dismissal of Paul Lambert, Aston Villa are in need of a new manager and FA chairman Prince William has apparently notified his first choice. Even though he has no official affiliation with the club (aside from being their most powerful fan not named Tom Hanks).

Fresh off losing the African Cup of Nations final in a shootout ended with a penalty scored by a goalkeeper, Ghana coach Avram Grant tells Sky Sports:

“I met Prince William and he asked me ‘why don’t you come to Aston Villa?’. I said ‘when you become the chairman, I will come’.

“As long as my name is mentioned, I feel good with this, but not more than that. I want to continue with Ghana.”

It’s probably not a good sign that the future King of England can’t even convince someone to take the Villa job.