Freddy Adu really wants you to know that he is not a nightclub promoter now


Freddy Adu is once again without a club after a six-month stint with Serbian team Jagodina in which he didn’t really play. So the 25-year-old “American Pele” turned cautionary tale used his notoriety and free time to host an evening at a nightclub in Washington, DC, where he began his professional career at 14 years old.

Several international media outlets picked up on this event and misinterpreted it as evidence that the former U.S. international is now a nightclub promoter.

This did not please Freddy Adu, who attempted to clear up the confusion on Twitter.

So to recap, Freddy Adu is not now and never was a nightclub promotor. But he is available to host your nightclub events if you are kind enough to have him do so.