When it comes to romancing soccer players, You’re all Messis of the heart

We asked you to make a #HowlerVcard for your favorite player. So far the results have been impressive, funny, and a little bit weird (in a good way).

Yesterday, we asked you to take out your crayons and make a kindergarten-style card for the soccer player who stole your heart. Entries posted with the hashtag #HowlerVcard by Saturday morning are eligible to win two USA jerseys — his-and-hers, hers-and-hers, or his-or-his — from the good folks at World Soccer Shop. If you haven’t made a card yet, here’s some inspiration from our entries so far. (The two cards above were made by Howler editors Beck and George.)

Sydney Leroux

As far as we know, Sydney Leroux is the first player who has actually seen one of the Valentines created for her (by @DJPuddinPops).

Barca Steph

Barca Steph brings the aaaalmost NSFW.


Steve Joh paid tribute to everyone’s favorite footballer-disguised-as-used-car-salesman, Kolo Toure.


On Instagram, B2BHeritage waxed poetic about Roy Keane, a man who definitely loves Valentine’s Day with all of his heart and all of his beard.


Cindy Wincek taught us to look at Mesut Özil’s eyes as heretofore untapped pools of love–and brought the puns.


Zoey Rockoff, in what is undoubtedly the most important assignment of her young life, crafted a lovely homage to Yaya Toure.


Chris Mourato gave falling in love a whole new meaning.

If you haven’t made a #HowlerVcard yet, there’s still time: Grab the crayons — or, as many of you have done, office supplies — and show your love. Just get your card in before Saturday morning!