A detective tries to keep Sepp Blatter from getting his grubby hands on the long-lost Jules Rimet Trophy

(Howler Magazine/art by Patrick Leger)

(Howler Magazine/art by Patrick Leger)

My latest private detective story for Howler Magazine* appears in the newly released issue seven and sees our mediocre investigator dragged into the search for the Jules Rimet Trophy — the original World Cup prize, which has been missed since 1983. Tony is forced to deal with a host of shady characters, including a pair of treacherous FIFA executives.

Though you should definitely pick up the new mag, you can read the story in full on Howler’s site.

And while you’re there, I highly recommend checking out DT contributor Ryan Bailey’s piece on the football rockstar you never saw, Robin Friday, as well!

*Previous cases involving Mario Balotelli and Jose Mourinho’s last days at Real Madrid appeared in issues two and four, respectively.