Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer made a rare error to allow the first goal in his side’s Bundesliga match against Borussia Monchengladbach and now EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART AROUND THEM.

It started with Arjen Robben going down with an injury that forced him out of the match in the 24th minute. Normally when one of the best players on a team gets hurt, it’s cause for immediate concern. But Robben has a tendency to recover from life threatening injuries rather quickly, so judgement had to be reserved.

Just six minutes later, Neuer let a low shot bounce off his hands and in to give Gladbach a halftime lead. The visitors went on to score again in the second half and won 2–0, giving Bayern their second loss of the season and reducing their lead atop the Bundesliga to a mere 10 points on Wolfsburg.

After the match, the situation got worse when it was announced that Robben would be out for “several weeks.”

And to top it all off, manager Pep Guardiola is almost certainly watching his team and thinking about how much he wishes he was back at Barcelona after delighting in his former club’s win against Man City earlier in the week.

So where did it all go wrong? My guess is that their special glasses didn’t work when they all stared directly at the solar eclipse on Friday and now they’re all blind.

Clearly the word “crisis” is not severe enough to properly describe the horrible situation Bayern now find themselves in.