Confrontational Aston Villa ball boy rolls ball between Rob Green’s legs

Ball boys are the worst. Jose Mourinho knows it, Cristiano Ronaldo knows it, and now QPR goalkeeper Rob Green does too.

During QPR’s 3–3 draw at Aston Villa, Green relied on a ball boy behind his goal to do his job and retrieve a ball. But on, his way to it, the ball boy slipped and fell on his backside, but tried to recover by kicking the ball to Green instead of tossing it. Unsurprisingly, Green couldn’t handle it and the ball rolled back towards the advertising hoardings again. This time, the ball boy tried to big-time Green by faking the handoff and then rolling it between the goalkeeper’s legs from handshake distance.

Granted, putting the ball past Rob Green is something many people have done over the years, but this proves yet again that ball boys are a cruel breed.

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