Spanish player climbs goal post while defending a corner kick


Some people allow themselves to be confined by convention. They do what’s normal, what’s expected. And others climb goal posts in a desperate bid to defend corner kicks at all costs.

A member of the latter group happened to be playing in a Tercera Division (the fourth tier of Spanish football) match — captain of CD Cuarte, Daniel Nadales. During a 3–1 loss to CD Teruel on Sunday, Nadales spontaneously decided to climb the goal post while defending a corner.

Though he was supposed to be shown a yellow card and Teruel awarded an indirect free kick, the referee didn’t see him, so there was no punishment. He has earned the nickname “Koala,” though.

Nadales told Radio Marca he didn’t plan to climb the post, nor did he know that there is a rule against doing it. Anyway, it’s only a matter of time before Luis Suarez tries this in a major cup final.