Tijuana’s Juan Arango gets away with biting opponent on the shoulder


Tijuana midfielder Juan Arango is best known for scoring magnificent goals, which he did again in his side’s 4–3 loss to Monterrey on Saturday. But it was his nibble on an opponent’s shoulder during the game that will change his reputation to that of a Luis Suarez wannabe.

Arango clearly took Jesus Zavala’s shirt between his teeth for reasons unknown, but it’s unclear if he actually pinched the skin. Regardless, Zavala fell to the ground and showed his shoulder to the referee in a scene reminiscent of what Giorgio Chiellini did after he was bit by Suarez at the World Cup.

And like Suarez in that instance, Arango was not booked for his chomp. It seems unlikely that he will get a four-month ban from all footballing activities, though.