Liverpool fans fly “Rodgers out, Rafa in” banner over Anfield

Copying Man United fans’ “Moyes out” banner from last season, a group of Liverpool supporters arranged to have a “Rodgers out, Rafa [Benitez] in” banner flown over Anfield before Saturday’s match against QPR. It should be noted that former Liverpool manager Benitez is currently employed by Napoli, though he could be out of a job at season’s end.

Rodgers nearly strengthened the banner brigade’s case against him when Liverpool and QPR looked set for a 1–1 draw, but Steven Gerrard saved the day with a late winner, keeping the Reds’ outside chance at topping Man United for fourth place alive.

Though this was an incredible waste of money and plane fuel, it once again demonstrates that whichever marketing person positioned sky banners as the go-to method of expressing displeasure with a football club’s manager is a genius.

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