This is Steven Gerrard sitting on a jet engine with his wife

Steven Gerrard and his wife Alex are the stars of British Airways’ Caribbean Campaign, which apparently means that they were paid enough to go along with whatever goofy ideas the photographer could think up.

“Yes, we do need drinks if we’re going to do this.”

“If I ever have to give Chelsea another guard of honor, please push me backwards and start up the plane.”

“I’ve packed all the essentials: the complete works of Phil Collins, my ‘Ask me about Istanbul!’ T-shirt, and that’s it.”

“Once the Hollywood people see these pictures, they’ll probably want to put me in all their films as soon as I arrive in Los Angeles. I’m not doing any nude scenes, though. Alright, maybe one if it’s tasteful and I trust the director.”

“If only we had gotten on a plane two years ago and never come back.”