We Made Four Animated Videos About Arsenal, Barcelona, Juventus, and Liverpool

Gatorade asked us to help tell stories about four of Europe’s most interesting clubs

It’s pretty rare that a project this fun comes our way, but when Gatorade told us they wanted our help to make something that examined the identities of four of Europe’s biggest clubs, we jumped at the chance to bring the art from the mag and make it move around the screen. With help from some of our favorite illustrators, including Peter Diamond (who made our Leo Messi and Tim Howard covers), plus club experts like former Liverpool defender Gary Gillespie and Arseblog founder Andrew Mangan, we worked with an animation studio, music house, and sound designer to give the stories some life. Check out the results below.


Barcelona / Illustration by Golden Cosmos / Voiceover by Angel Iturriaga


Liverpool / Illustration by Peter Diamond / Voiceover by Gary Gillespie


Arsenal / Illustration by Mark Smith / Voiceover by Andrew Mangan, founder of Arseblog


Juventus / Illustration by Davide Bonazzi / Voiceover by Enrico Zambruno

Animation by Vranizan Design. Music by Comma. And big thanks to the folks at TBWAChiatDay, Gatorade, and all the clubs for making it happen.