Qatar needed 9 minutes of unsuspicious added time to beat the Maldives in a World Cup qualifier

Qatar opened their 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign by beating 178th ranked Maldives 1–0, with the lone goal coming in the ninth minute of added time (even though there was “only” supposed to be eight minutes of added time). In other words, it was a totally normal and not at all suspicious way to end a match.

Qatar’s Jeddo scored the winning goal with a shot that bounced through a defenders legs and squirted past the goalkeeper. The match finally came to an end immediately after that, which was perfectly reasonable.

There were reportedly no unusual incidents in the second half to warrant so much injury time, but that’s not something to think too much about.

Despite their struggles against the Maldives, Qatar will automatically qualify for the 2022 World Cup, which they were chosen to host under fair and transparent circumstances. Also, no workers have died at construction sites for the tournament. Not a single one.

This report has been brought to you by the always generous and truthful Gulf Cooperation Council.