Reporter asks Ireland defender “Would you like to rear end Roy Keane?”

Ireland manager Martin O’Neill and assistant coach Roy Keane were involved in a minor car accident on Tuesday when their vehicle was rear ended in Dublin. No one involved was seriously hurt, so when Ireland defender Alex Pearce was asked about it by reporters the next day, he said the players gave their coaches a bit of ribbing over the incident. It was at this point that one reporter asked the greatest question ever asked: “Would you like to rear end Roy Keane?”

This seemed to be an attempt to reference the players’ potential frustration with the notoriously gruff ex-Man United midfielder, but it came out very different than intended. Pearce had no idea what to say and the other reporters burst out laughing.

Just a spectacular moment all around, but if Roy Keane had been there, he probably would’ve given that reporter a stiff one right in the mouth.