West Ham owner announces signing of one player with picture of entirely different player


West Ham owner David Gold used his personal Twitter account to announce the signing of Spanish midfielder Pedro Obiang from Sampdoria on Wednesday. Except he welcomed Pedro by including a picture of Juventus defender and entirely different human being Angelo Ogbonna.


Gold subsequently deleted the tweet and tried again, this time using a picture from Obiang’s West Ham unveiling.


The mistake was an odd one, though. Not only should the Italian national team kit have been a tip off in the Ogbonna picture, but it appears the image was pulled from Ogbonna’s Wikipedia page, which clearly identifies him as not being Pedro Obiang. And just to be clear, Obiang looks like this:


David Gold is a 78-year-old using Twitter, though, so I guess we should just be thankful that he didn’t accidentally post a picture of his penis.

Thanks to Chris for the tip!