Herd of cows invade non-league stadium

Welsh club Colywn Bay FC, who play in the seventh tier of English football, suffered a break-in at their Llanelian Road ground Thursday morning when 22 cows escaped from a nearby farmer’s field. Thankfully, the cows couldn’t quite get to the delicious pitch, which will host a preseason friendly against Bolton on Saturday.

From the North Wales Pioneer:

Head of football in the community Matt Sampson and commercial director Mike Brookes protected the pitch from the unlikely invaders, who were at the ground for over two hours before being eventually removed.

Mr Sampson said: “We were just chilling in the office when they started coming through, and it was one of the most bizarre sights I have seen here.

“There was enough here for an 11-a-side game and we were lucky that the pitch was walled off. […]

“To be honest it’s normally sheep that come into the ground, the place is getting to be a bit like Noah’s Ark,” added Mr Sampson.

And that, my friends, is the line of the summer.