Mexico reach Gold Cup semifinal with convenient late penalty

Have a look for yourself: Controversial penalty awarded to Mexico in extra time. #GoldCup2015

— FOX Soccer (@FOXSoccer) July 20, 2015

For 120 minutes, Mexico did everything except finish their many chances to score against Costa Rica in the Gold Cup quarterfinals. But then the troll god of CONCACAF — a cruel deity with a perverse obsession with injustice — gave them the massive help they needed to advance in the form of a phantom penalty.

After more than a year of cursing Arjen Robben for the dubious late penalty that helped the Netherlands beat them in the World Cup round of 16, Mexico gratefully accepted a bit of cosmic repayment during injury time of the second period of extra time.

Andres Guardado then converted the penalty and Mexico won 1–0, putting them in a semifinal against Panama while the U.S. will face Jamaica. But while Mexico celebrate today, the CONCACAF troll god conspires with his referee priests, plotting their next prank…