Lionel Messi’s finest header

The week’s most absurd soccer moments

By Sam Patterson

A particularly nasty gust of wind brought down Norrköping’s Andrea Johanssen. Mo Bangura could only look on and laugh. [source: Telegraph]

Playing for a Polish team we can neither spell nor pronounce, Wojciech Kaczmarek internal GPS went all haywire. Next time, he should just ask Siri where his box begins and ends. [source: gfycat]

Lionel Messi headbutted someone. Yes, Lionel Messi really headbutted someone. [source: Screamer]

Kurt Zouma launched himself like a torpedo into Ricardo Bagadur during Chelsea’s anything-but-friendly preseason match with Fiorentina. [source: youtube]

Huracan’s Carlos Arano hit an unstoppable, upper 90, laser rocket, screamer into his own net. [source: 101greatgoals]

This Scottish man puts life and all other things in perspective. [source: youtube]