Spanish club launches ham themed away kit


A few years ago, a Spanish third division club gained international attention by launching a broccoli themed away kit. The idea came from the fact that broccoli was one of the region’s top exports (excessive drug use was probably a major factor too). Well, now the kitmaker that brought you La Hoya Lorca’s “Clockwork Broccoli” kit has a new food based offering for CD Guijuelo: the ham kit.

Guijuelo is known for its jamon iberico, so why not make Lady Gaga jealous and cover an away kit with images of it?

With the ham kit, there is now an entire meal’s worth of Spanish lower division food themed strips.

You’ve got your veggies with the broccoli kit…

(La Hoya Lorca)

(La Hoya Lorca)

And your drink and seafood with CD Lugo’s beer and octopus kits from last season…

(CD Lugo)

(CD Lugo)

(CD Lugo)

(CD Lugo)

And now I’m feeling a powerful lust for tapas.