David Beckham picks Milan as Champions League favorites even though they’re not in it


Despite having more money than the Queen, David Beckham is still doing the usual retired footballer things like attending store openings in Dubai. During this appearance, Beckham was asked who he thinks will win the Champions League this year.

“Who do I want to win is a different story to who I think is gonna win, well maybe it’s not actually,” he began. “I’m gonna have to say Man United, PSG, AC Milan. One of those three I’d like to see win, but when you’re in the Champions League you realize how important this competition is in football and it’s one of the best competitions to actually play in and definitely to win.”

The problem, of course, is that Milan didn’t qualify for the Champions League this year since they finished 10th in Serie A last season. Now, a recently retired player not paying super close attention to the game is understandable given how painful Beckham has admitted it is to no longer be out there himself. But if you’re going to just name the clubs you used to play for, why leave out Real Madrid?! Or maybe have some fun with it and say the LA Galaxy. Or just say “I don’t give a crap about the Champions League, I have more money than the Queen.”

You’re slipping, Becks. You’re slipping.