David Beckham’s son generously serves as mascot to people less famous than him


Demonstrating his humility and lending his celebrity to a group in need of some positive attention, David Beckham’s 13-year-old son Romeo led England out for their Euro qualifier against Switzerland.

Accompanied by Wayne Rooney, a man who wishes he could buy Romeo’s hair and wear it as a hat, the Arsenal academy member was easily the most recognizable person in an England kit as he was joined by the likes of Jonjo Shelvey, Fabian Delph, Gary Cahill, and Nathaniel Clyne — all of whom presumably asked Romeo to sign their shirts in the tunnel.


It should be noted, however, that Romeo most likely only served as a mascot for the match as a last minute replacement for his father, who was also in attendance and wanted to fill the role himself, but was denied by FA chiefs who felt it would be undignified for a former England captain.