Kolo Toure goes to 9-year-old fan’s house for tea and an interview


Liverpool’s YouTube channel arranged for Kolo Toure to go to a 9-year-old fan’s house for tea and and an interview and the result is delightful.

The interview begins with Kolo serving as goalkeeper to young Isaac’s Christian Benteke in the back garden, then moves into the house for the big question about the key to happiness, the meaning of life, their shared laziness, and Kolo’s fear of all animals. According to Kolo, all animals are scary, but the three scariest are: snakes, lions, and dogs.

Keep in mind that while this whole discussion is taking place, the theme song from Curb Your Enthusiasm is playing, which is absolutely perfect.

Near the end, Kolo and Isaac sing the Kolo/Yaya song at the table and then it concludes with the two doing the dishes. This is official club video content at its finest.