Watch Mario Götze bake a cake for his 10 millionth Facebook fan

International breaks are a time of intense boredom, even for players. This inevitably leads to weird ideas, like baking a cake for your 10 millionth Facebook fan while wearing a GoPro camera on your head. Which is exactly what Mario Götze did.

The World Cup winner says he’s never baked before, so this was of course a perfect time to start.

Though there are brief cameos from other people, the video plays out like something made by the last man on earth as he attempts to stave off the crushing loneliness of his existence. Highlights include Mario signing “Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake!” to himself and just the general oddity of watching Mario Götze go through the process of baking a cake for four minutes and 25 seconds. Especially since he actually made a banana bread.