Referee changes his mind after sending off Palmeiras player, who runs back from dressing room

It was up to Palmeiras defender Egidio to stop Chapecoense’s William Barbio after he beat another defender with a clever move. Egidio’s challenge proved effective as he stripped Barbio of the ball, but the attacker also went to ground in the process. This prompted the referee to show Egidio a red card. It was not the end of the story, though.

While Egidio headed down the tunnel in disbelief, the referee consulted with his assistants, who told him that the challenge was actually a good one. To his credit, the referee took on his colleague’s advice and put his ego to one side, then told Egidio’s teammates to call him back from the dressing room. So Egidio came jogging back out to rapturous applause from the home crowd.

This was about the only thing that went Palmeiras’ way in this match, however. Chapecoense went on to win 5–1.

(Thanks to Ryan Lloyd for the tip!)