Sebastian Giovinco weaves through entire Red Bulls team to score another ridiculous goal

What a time to be alive!!

— Toronto FC (@torontofc) October 15, 2015

Nothing can stop Sebastian Giovinco’s reign of terror in MLS, not even the fact that he began his Wednesday in Rome and spent the afternoon on a flight to Toronto. He didn’t start Toronto FC’s match against the New York Red Bulls (because he played the last 30 minutes in Italy’s 2–1 win over Norway a day earlier), but he did come off the bench in the 71st minute and seven minutes later, he weaved through the visiting team like a grandmother teaching a basket making class on speed.

Giovinco’s goal sealed Toronto’s first ever MLS playoff berth and it made him the league leader in both goals (22) and assists (12). And now we know for sure that he is impervious to both jet lag and MLS defending.