Spurs fan accidentally taps into Bournemouth PA system, offers accurate assessment of their performance


Late in Spurs’ 5–1 dismantling of Bournemouth, an unusual but very accurate announcement was made over the Vitality Stadium’s public address system.

From the Independent:

“Men against boys,” offered one opinion. “F****** unbelievable” was another.

Both sets of supporters sang “You’re getting sacked in the morning” and, after the match, a Bournemouth spokesman confirmed that the incident will be investigated.

Cherries manager Eddie Howe was asked about the situation in his post-match media duties but claimed he could not discern what was being discussed.

“I just heard noise, I didn’t really hear any words said,” he said.

The universal assumption was, of course, that the stadium announcer accidentally hit the button before expressing his frustrations, but a Spurs YouTuber offered a stranger explanation after the match: that he accidentally tapped into the stadium’s radio channel while doing a microphone test.

He apologized for getting the stadium announcer in trouble, though he stood by his assessment of Bournemouth’s performance and was very much amused by the whole situation.

We can only hope that this happens to Jose Mourinho during Chelsea’s next match.