UEFA opens disciplinary case against Man City for fans booing Champions League anthem


UEFA has reached a new level of self-parody by launching disciplinary proceedings against Manchester City after their fans booed the Champions League anthem before Wednesday’s 2–1 win against Sevilla.

From Sky Sports:

City have been charged with disrupting the competition under Article 16.2G of UEFA’s disciplinary code.

UEFA will judge the case on November 19.

The fact that there is a disciplinary code article entitled “disruption of competition anthem” is remarkable in itself. I mean, yes, the Champions League anthem is spectacular, but let’s ratchet down the pompous self-aggrandizement a few hundred notches.

It’s unclear what Man City’s punishment could be if found guilty of this unconscionable charge, but UEFA did fine Nicklas Bendtner €100,000 for flashing the name of an unapproved sponsor on his underpants waistband after scoring a goal during Euro 2012 — more than they routinely demand for instances of racism and violence — so it could be quite stiff. After all, Michel Platini’s defense isn’t going to pay for itself.