David Beckham answers reporter’s phone during press conference

After enjoying a memorable day of his own, in his which his team won his UNICEF charity match and he got to play alongside his eldest son at Old Trafford, David Beckham gave someone else crazy memory when he picked up a reporters phone during his post-match press conference.

Beckham had just begun discussing what it was like to be back on the pitch with many of his old teammates and most formidable opponents when a phone being used as a recording device started ringing in front of him. After someone shouted for him to answer it, he did just that. But whoever was calling apparently didn’t expect to hear David Beckham’s voice and hung up without saying anything.

Here’s the full video…


Beckham had the unforgettable experience of being subbed off for his son, Brooklyn, before coming back on (when your name’s on the ticket, you get to make the rules) and playing alongside him for the final minutes of the game.


Beckham’s daughter Harper was not terribly impressed with the day’s festivities, however.