Jurgen Klopp is rejuvenating Liverpool with hugs


A lot has been made of Jurgen Klopp’s implementation of gegenpressing at Liverpool, but it’s become clear that something else is driving the club’s resurgence under their own manager: hugs.

Speaking to BBC Radio after Liverpool’s 4–1 win over Man City, goalkeeper Simon Mignolet confirmed that Klopp is generous and fair with his hugs, which have more motivational power then Brendan Rodgers’ envelopes and bizarre handshakes ever did.

“He’s hugged all of the players and it gives you a good feeling because you know that he’s behind you and supporting you,” Mignolet said. “That’s what you need as a player, you need to feel the confidence of the manager, and the whole staff really, and to know that you’re working in the same direction.”

In other words, Jurgen Klopp hugs are magical embraces that make their many recipients feel like unicorns dancing through the tall grass of Positivity Meadow. With these powerful cuddles fueling them, there’s no telling what Liverpool can achieve.