This is how you break the Howler speed record

The week’s most absurd soccer moments

By Sam Patterson

Didier Drogba, now of the — believe it or not — Montreal Impact must have had an empty hole in his life that only a goalie’s leg could fill. [source: youtube]

Manchester City must have known what it was doing when it let attacker Rony Lopes transfer at the beginning of the year to AS Monaco. [source: /u/teatoddler]

Feyenoord Rotterdam defender Sven van Beek went from hero to zero in the span on one misplaced clearance. [source: youtube]

Ashley Young proved he’s still got it. [source LatestGoals]

You may think FC Lorient’s Majeed Waris could have been playing the ball. And you’ve be wrong. [source: gfycat]

Also of Feyenoord, which has set the Howler record for number of howlers in a game, winger Bilal Başaçıkoğlu went for a worm crawl after a harmless-looking foul. On the return journey, he made it to the corner flag (unfortunately not pictured here). [source: Bleacher Report]