Avai substitute uses phone hidden in shin pad during match



On the final day of the Brazilian Serie A season, Avai were in serious danger of relegation and facing Corinthians, who had already sealed the title. With a one point advantage on Figueirense, Avai had a vested interest in their match against Fluminense, so Avai striker Andre Lima smuggled a phone onto the bench in order to watch the Figueirense game.

To make sure no one caught on, he put the phone in a pair of shin pads. You know, so everyone would think he’s just a crazy person staring at his shin pads.

Isso não tem preço. André Lima olhando time da série A. pic.twitter.com/MpnS9XZyby

— Leomar (@Kossmannleomar) December 7, 2015

When Figueirense went up 1–0, Lima motioned for his teammates to attack and go for the win, but they could only manage a 1–1 draw, dooming them to relegation as Figueirense survived with a one-point advantage.

Maybe Andre Lima can work on his subtlety in the second division.

Thanks to Ryan Lloyd for the tip!