Trabzonspor player sent off for showing red card to referee who sent off his teammates

When you want to fully express how much you disagree with someone, you have to be sure you’re speaking their language so there is absolutely no chance of misinterpretation. With that in mind, Trabzonspor’s Salih Dursun picked up the referee’s red card after it was used to notify teammate Luis Cavanda that he had been the third(!) Trabzonspor player sent off and attempted to send the referee off, as well.

Hey, it was worth a shot. It didn’t work, though. And it got Dursun sent off as well.

Galatasaray beat seven-man(!) Trabzonspor 2–1.

Now we all know that if you try to show the referee a red card for showing your teammate a red card, you will be shown a red card.

UPDATE: The story didn’t end there! The next morning, Trabzonspor fans took to the street waving red cards of their own to protest the referee’s performance. Red cards for everyone!

UPDATE II: The fans then went to the airport to greet the team and carried Dursun around on their shoulders. This story just keeps getting better.