Andrea Pirlo once again proves that his doubters will be punished

Andrea Pirlo is a wizard and he has the beard to prove it. We all know this. One of his mystical powers is the ability to predict the future — particularly what direction opposing players will shoot from the penalty spot or free kicks. Sadly, NYCFC goalkeeper Josh Saunders is a doubter of Pirlo’s powers and he paid for it during their 4–3 win over the Chicago Fire to start the new MLS season.

As Chicago’s David Accam prepared to take a penalty in the second half, Pirlo pointed to Saunders’ left just after Accam began his run up to the ball. Saunders’ defied Pirlo’s directive, though, and ended up diving the wrong way.

Saunders should have known better than to go against Pirlo’s advice. In a match against Orlando last season, Pirlo called where former Milan teammate Kaka would aim a free kick. Saunders went the right way then, but Kaka hit the post, which lead to NYCFC scoring at the other end of the pitch.

Andrea Pirlo knows all and he sees all. Believe in him and you will be spared his wrath.