Brendan Rodgers is boxing now

Brendan Rodgers is rumored to be headed to Celtic or back to Swansea next season, bringing an end to his, erm, colorful time off since getting sacked by Liverpool last October. So he’s getting into fighting shape by boxing with a new trainer who has demonstrated that he is either making fun of him or is just as oblivious as Brendan himself with the Instagram post above.

In the video, Rodgers trains with boxing gloves in an empty garage with Kanye West’s “Power” serving as the soundtrack. The ferocious look in his eyes tells you he’s imagining either Jurgen Klopp or Mario Balotelli as he goes to town on his trainer’s punch mitts.

Anyway, this has been your regular update on what Brendan Rodgers has been up to. Sadly, there isn’t going to be a sequel to Being: Liverpool about the last six months of his life.