Crowdfunding page set up for Wales pundit who parked short-term at airport before Euro 2016 departure

Dean Saunders, who has 75 caps for Wales, is working as a pundit for the BBC at Euro 2016. He was so convinced that Wales would go out in the group stage that he made a couple of brave gambles before traveling to France. They did not pay off.

From the Daily Post:

Saunders seems to be having something of a nightmare out in France — after it was also revealed he has run out of clothes.

He told BBC Radio Five Live on Monday: “I tell you how confident I was with Wales. I parked in the short-stay car park at Birmingham Airport two weeks ago.”

“I took a little suitcase that fitted onto the plane so I’ve run out of clothes and now I’m going to have a £1,000 bill when I get back to Birmingham because they charge you a fortune.

“But I’m just happy to be here.”

Partly as a joke and partly to highlight what he considers to be coverage more weighted to England than Wales from the BBC, Richard Jackson, brother-in-law to Wales manager Chris Coleman, set up a JustGiving page to pay Saunder’s parking fine, which Saunders claims is currently around £1,200 and rising £100 per day. I guess he’s on his own with the laundromat bill, though.

Wales’ quarterfinal against Belgium is on Friday and if they win, their semifinal won’t be until July 6.

Jackson says that if the fine is paid for by Saunders’ employer, the money raised with go towards grassroots football in Wales.

Between this, Neil Taylor’s Beyonce ticket dilemma and Chris Gunter’s family wedding issues, you can really tell that the Welsh haven’t been to a major tournament in 58 years.