Everything about Iceland at Euro 2016 is spectacular


Iceland beat Austria 2–1 to reach the knockout stage of Euro 2016 and doom the group favorites to last place and elimination. In doing so, Iceland became the smallest nation to win a European Championship match and completed their conversion of everyone watching the tournament into fans of theirs.

What’s not to like? Their commentator sounded like he was being murdered and somehow happy about it as they scored the winning goal.


Their players have adorable babies with impossibly chubby cheeks.


Their magazines are invoking Viking history on their Twitter feeds.

Their fans know how to pull off a proper slow clap.


And their captain says things like this:

“This is what we stand for. We fight for our country, and this team of ours is just an incredible team. I don’t fully understand how we’ve managed to do this. Before the game four or five of us were unsure, but we continued. What’s just happened shows the character of Icelanders.”

Iceland will face England in the round of 16 and even English fans are a bit torn.