Luis Suarez had a tantrum after learning he couldn’t play against Venezuela

Luis Suarez missed Uruguay’s Copa America opener due to injury, making him all the more eager to appear in their match against Venezuela — especially after missing Copa America 2015 due to his World Cup bite ban.

Venezuela took a first-half lead, so Suarez thought he was sure to be called on in the second with his side desperate for a goal. He taped his ankles and warmed up, but when Uruguay made their third and final substitution and he wasn’t it, he reacted like your little brother upon finding out that you ate the last slice of pizza.

The strangest part of this is that Suarez wasn’t even made available for the match. So this shouldn’t have been news to him.

Adding to his misery, Uruguay lost 1–0 with Edinson Cavani missing a golden opportunity to equalize late in the match.

Uruguay now sit bottom of Group C with two losses and are all but eliminated. Jamaica better watch out, though. If Suarez plays in Uruguay’s final group-stage match, he will probably be hungry.