Marouane Fellaini challenges Aaron Ramsey for worst Euro 2016 blond dye job

Players know that the Euros bring a bright, potentially career changing spotlight. Getting noticed during this time can mean big-time transfers, fatter contracts, and new endorsement deals. So Marouane Fellaini and Aaron Ramsey have both attempted to take a shortcut to getting all eyes on them by dying their hair blond. This was a mistake on both counts.

Fellaini looks like he’s wearing a Russian hat that was in the dryer too long and Ramsey looks like his thought process was “Well, if my hair color looks weird, at least my beard will be a normal color to make the whole thing look like even more of an abomination.”

Euro ’96 Paul Gascoigne would not approve.

Then again, this is Gazza we’re talking about, so maybe he would.

Anyway, Paul Pogba already has best hair of Euro 2016 locked up, so everyone else should just shave their heads and not even try.