Belgium posts open call for national team manager applications

Belgium sacked Marc Wilmots after only making it as far as the Euro 2016 quarterfinals with their supposed golden generation before losing to Wales. However, they are apparently so devoid of ideas for a replacement that they have posted a job listing on the Belgian FA’s website along with an open call for applications.

Here’s what they’re looking for:

  • Experience and results in the currently fast changing world of football
  • Proven record in transmitting tactical and strategical knowledge to top level players
  • Proven record to be able to work with experts in modern high level football
  • Treating his own social and high performance context
  • Strong and open communicator
  • Ruling generation management
  • Proved to be able to operate in an existing structure and organisation + in full confidence being able to work with the team management, training facilities and financial, commercial and communication framework.

Candidates are asked to email technical director Chris Van Puyvelde by July 31 and I really hope he likes reading about results in Football Manager and FIFA 16 because he’s about to have an inbox full of them.