Jurgen Klopp has jokes about Liverpool’s preseason opponents


Following Liverpool’s preseason opener against non-league Tranmere Rovers last week, Jurgen Klopp was in a giggly mood.

“Really good football players, to be honest,” he said of the Tranmere players. “In the fifth league or something, so they showed a little bit that with one or two kilos more on the hips you still can play football.” He enjoyed this comment of his a great deal.

Later, when asked about his next opponent — Fleetwood Town (whom Liverpool beat 5–0 on Wednesday) — he delighted himself once again.


“I know nothing about Fleetwood. I thought it was a rock band, to be honest.” When the reporter picked up on his Fleetwood Mac reference, he grinned a bit wider and said, “Yeah, sorry!”

So, to recap, Klopp has no idea who Liverpool are playing against this summer, but he still has some zingers about them.