Paul Pogba makes being stuck in a hotel for a month seem fun

Before France’s 2–0 win over Germany in the Euro 2016 semifinals, Paul Pogba gave the France Football Federation’s YouTube channel a look at what he does on tournament off days. After being cooped up in the team hotel for about a month straight already, you’d think there would be a lot of boredom and misery, but for Pogba it’s a lot music, dancing, and massages.

Some highlights of the video:

0:05 — Pogba’s surprisingly small and messy room (do they not have maid service?!)
0:25 — DJ Paulie P kicks out the jams
2:25 — Time to pester Patrice “Uncle Pat” Evra
4:50 — Secret handshake with Dimitri Payet

And if you want to see Antoine Griezmann play Football Manager and drink from his personalized mate cup, here’s his video:

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of Uncle Pat in a suit of armor.