ADO Den Haag traveling supporters throw stuffed animals to children at Feyenoord match

When fans of ADO Den Haag found out that children from a local hospital would be sitting beneath the away section at De Kuip for their match against Feyenoord, they came up with a clever idea to make the day extra special for the kids.


“A call to all away supporters,” a statement posted on Twitter from the fan group read. “Take with you a little cuddly toy to the game. Just make sure there are no hard things are in the toy. So no beads and buttons, Children from the Sofia [sic] Children’s Hospital will take be under us at the away end.

“Throw your cuddly toy to them in order to make an unforgettable day a lasting memory!”

So, before during the match, it rained stuffed animals from the away section in the upper level of the stadium down onto the children below. This is now the only acceptable instance of people throwing things at football matches.

Knuffels van aanhang ADO voor kinderen van Sophia Kinderziekenhuis. Hulde. #feyado #ADO #Feyenoord

— Mikos Gouka (@MikosGouka) September 11, 2016