FIFA has decided that they have ended racism

Good news, everyone! FIFA has ended racism. Just like that. It’s all over. Which is great because it’s something that has plagued humanity for a very long time. You might say, “Well, if it was so easy, why didn’t they do it sooner?” but let’s just be happy that it’s finally over.

So how did FIFA do it? The Guardian explains:

Fifa has disbanded its anti-racism task force, declaring the work complete despite ongoing concerns about discriminatory behaviour in Russia, the hosts of the 2018 World Cup.

Fifa has written to members of the task force to say that it has “completely fulfilled its temporary mission” and “is hereby dissolved and no longer in operation.”

This reminds me of The Office, when Michael Scott literally declared bankruptcy.

I can imagine a FIFA executive walking into a room and shouting “RACISM! IS! OVERRRRRRRR!!!” then disbanding the task force and announcing that all complaints of racism at the 2018 World Cup will be personally handled by Vladimir Putin.

FIFA: Still the worst.