Landon Donovan comes out of retirement after Steven Gerrard jokes about how thankful he is that Landon Donovan retired

Steven Gerrard recently did one of those videos where they put a footballer with a kid and let the adorableness of the interaction hypnotize you into wanting to buy his shirt. But after telling the child that Leicester “crap,” the kid brought up a now interesting topic: Landon Donovan’s retirement.

“Should Donovan come out of retirement?” the prophetic/well coached child asked Gerrard.

“Nah,” Gerrard replied. “Because if he comes out of retirement, he might take my shirt and then I won’t play. I started playing because he retired. I got a job because he retired. So if he comes back, I won’t get paid.”

“Well, you can still be a sub, though,” the kid told him.

“I don’t like being a sub.”

And now, the day after this video was published by the LA Galaxy themselves, 34-year-old Donovan is reportedly coming out of his two-year retirement to return to the club and could play as soon as this weekend (because two years away from the game is no big deal when you’re returning to what is now literally a retirement league, I guess).

Maybe being a sub won’t be so bad, Steven.