Luis Suarez doesn’t want footballers talking about all the things he does to them on the pitch

Following a challenge that left his opponent with a bloody hole in his foot, Luis Suarez reportedly shouted “You dived, clown!” at Atletico Madrid’s Filipe Luis. Shortly after the match, Luis shared a photo of the damage Suarez did to his foot on Instagram, along with the caption “At least he didn’t touch me!”

This did not please Suarez. From ESPN FC:

Asked about the Brazilian left-back’s decision to publish the photo, Suarez told reporters: “Football is for men.

“Everything stays on the pitch. If everyone uploaded what happens [on the pitch to social media accounts] the game would become a circus.”

At this point, it should be obvious why Suarez doesn’t want footballers revealing what happens on the pitch. Because that’s where he bites and racially abuses them. If it weren’t for his victims, their big mouths and their social media accounts, he wouldn’t have served months and months worth of suspensions and have an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to his many controversies.

Luis Suarez isn’t going to change his “manly” behavior, so he’d like everyone to kindly shut up about so he doesn’t get punished for it again.