If apps were football clubs, this is what their kits would look like

Design firm dreams up the attire for an App Store league

Google Maps (Graphic UNTD)

French graphic design firm Graphic UNTD asks “What if our phone was a football league and the apps were different teams?” Well, they would have kits. So Graphic UNTD came up with some slick kit designs for a number of top apps. Here are some of the most unique designs…

Twitter (Graphic UNTD)
YouTube (Graphic UNTD)
Tinder (Graphic UNTD)
Uber (Graphic UNTD)
Instagram…or Barcelona? (Graphic UNTD)
Snapchat (Graphic UNTD)

You can see more on the firm’s website. I’m guessing it won’t be long before a Silicon Valley Sunday league is formed and these kits get turned into a reality.