Michail Antonio drove two hours after a match to deliver a signed shirt to charity event on time


After playing the entirety of West Ham’s 1–1 draw with Middlesbrough, the last thing Michail Antonio probably wanted to do was get in the car and drive two hours from London to Birmingham. But when he realized he had promised a signed shirt to a charity event there and it was too late to send it, he made the drive to hand deliver the shirt and keep his word.

From the Daily Mail:

Antonio said: ‘I knew they wanted it for the auction that night, so I thought I’d drop it off after the game before carrying on to see my family.’

The charity has raised more than £135,000 so far after it was set up in memory of Libby Mae Sharratt who died at the age of just two weeks due to a heart defect.

Not only did Michail do a good deed, but he also learned a valuable lesson about procrastination. So everyone got something out of this.