Reporter’s question drives Luciano Spalletti to bash his head against table

The Roma manager doesn’t have patience for bad queries

Press conferences are the cruelest form of torture for a football manager. They’re forced to sit in a room and field inane questions from a group of people hoping to give them a nervous breakdown just so their content can grab as much of the public’s attention as possible.

Following Roma’s 4–1 win over Palermo on Sunday, Luciano Spalletti was feeling good…until he got to his post-match press conference. And when a reporter asked him about his comments last season (repeat: last season) on Roma fans needing to do more to support the club, Spalletti literally slammed his head against the table.

Naturally, there is a musical remix.

Remember, this was after a comfortable win. Now imagine what he wants to do upon hearing the questions he gets after a loss.